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Installing Apps

Articles on installing apps.

  • My download link no longer works

    When an app is uploaded or signed, special links are created for users to download the apps. All download links are later removed so if you are getting an error, please try to sign the app(s) again. P...

  • My uploaded app will not install

    If your app is successfully signed and you are having issues, please try finding an ipa file from another source. If you still cannot get your uploaded IPA to work, contact us at w...

  • Nothing happens when installing an app

    If you cannot download an app, ensure that you have deleted the normal version of the app if you haven't done so already and try again. If problems persist, please contact us at

  • How can I install my own IPA file?

    Users with the Extended and Professional subscription plans are able to upload IPA files to sign. To upload your own files, click  here. Note: The website only accepts apps smaller than 250MB and in t...